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State Board Exam Questions and Answers

  • Why do you use disinfectant?

  • What is a dry sanitizer? 

  • How do you use a a comb which is taken out from a wet sanitizer ?

  • tuberculosis and typhoid fever are produced by:
    State board exam question from

  • to create an illusion of depth, a stylist can:
    State board exam question from

  • if a client has hair that is lightened, this challenge may be encountered after a shampoo:
    State board exam question from

  • Under-processing is caused by
    State board exam question from

  • Which of the following guidelines is true if your client has a round facial shape?
    State board exam question from

  • A client as a level 7 red-orange brassy looking hair.  What is the best choice for neutralizing this color?
    State board exam question from

  • In ancient Rome, middle-class women colored their hair:
    State board exam question from

  • During the Victorian age, women pinched their cheeks and bit their lips to:
    State board exam question from

  • A combination of understanding, empathy, and acceptance is called:
    State board exam question from

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