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Are you a real fan of the history of baseball? Then you're sure to know a lot about Stan Musial. It may be over 50 years since Stan the Man played, but his legendary prowess is still talked about at ballgames across the States. Some say that he was the greatest hitter of a ball that the world's ever seen. Are you the greatest answerer of baseball quiz questions the world's ever seen? It's time to prove it with our Stan Musial quizzes.

Stan spent his entire career with just one club, who was it? Too easy? Well then, can you name his final career average? How many home runs did he score, here's a clue - it's a lot! There are lots of questions waiting, so can you prove a real big hit?

He was a baseball outfielder and first baseman, a three-time winner of the World Series Champion, a seven-time of NL batting champion, along with various other notable achievements. Take this quiz on Stan Musial.

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  • Sample Question
    Where, in 2014, Musial was selected to?


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