Spartacus Quizzes & Trivia

Spartacus is a film that follows the life and times of the Roman slave fighters who were forced to kill other slaves in order to gain their freedom. This film follows the literal area that is known as Spartacus and the man who has been famously portrayed in this film and television series.

Do you know what year the film was released? Are you able to name all of the stars of this film? There are many things that movie fans do not realize. Did you know that fifty five million people go to the theaters every week in America? If you know all about Spartacus and you knew all about the other movie trivia, then see what else you know by completing one of our many quizzes. 

Read Spartacus and take test. You need a 70 to pass. Good Luck

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  • Sample Question
    What year did Spartacus revolt against the Romans