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The 2000 film Snatch was a hit with both audiences and critics. Brad Pitt starred as Mickey O’Neil, and Jason Statham played Turkish. Both stars bring in big audiences, and together they didn’t disappoint. Did you know that the director paid $1 million to use Madonna’s song “Lucky Star?”
Although most of the movie’s deaths occur off-screen, there were quite a few of them. Do you know how many are included in the “body count?” There were actually 26 people killed in the movie! While many film titles are spoken in their respective movies, the word “Snatch” is only said once. Someone tells the dog “Don’t snatch” when playing with a squeaky toy. Can you name the character? If your answer is “Vinny” then you might be ready to take some of our quizzes! Compare your score to your friends!

Grisly, pulse-pounding, action-packed film that revolves around diamond thieves, pikers, gypsies, and the Irish mob.

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    Who directed "Snatch"?

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    The snatch is taught after teaching the clean