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Don’t sloth about! Get in here and take our trivia quiz about the sloth; all six species! Find out what parts of the globe you can find your favorite variants of sloths and learn what differentiates them from their nearest relative; the ant eater! Oh, wait a second, oops! Well that’s it for free answers, the rest are yours to earn as part of our sloth trivia quiz.

Climb the trees in the jungle, scratch away at the bark, and discover the answers to some really challenging questions as you make your way through the quiz. As always, make sure to invite your friends for some real fun as you compare high scores and crown someone the sloth expert of the group!

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  • If in a stupid situation what would you do???
    Sloth question from

  • What is your favourite food?
    Sloth question from

  • What is your hobby?
    Sloth question from

  • Hvad interesserer jeg mig mest for?
    Sloth question from

  • Hvad ville jeg foretrække?
    Sloth question from

  • Hvilken bil ejer jeg?
    Sloth question from

  • Where is the word 'dejection' used instead of 'sloth'?

  • Which demon is often associated with sloth?

  • What is the Latin word for 'without care'?

  • True or false - Sometimes sloths mistake their arms for branches and fall to their deaths.

  • True or false - the only time a sloth has to worry about predators is when they go down to the ground to poo.

  • Select all that are true