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James Bond, Agent 007, our ultimate idol. Who wouldn’t want to see his films? Daniel Craig played James Bond for the 3rd time and the 23rd James Bond film produced by Eon Productions. When his latest assignment went wrong, it led to calamitous turn of events. The story highlights on Bond investigating the attacks on M16. What is M16? Why was Bond contacted for this job?

The movie won several accolades including 2 BAFTA awards, 2 Academy awards and two Grammys. Such honors speak for themselves. Like everyone else, we always look forward to Bond movies. We can’t wait to see his breath-taking attacks and counter attacks. Did he finally get to the bottom of the problem? Answer our quizzes and let’s see how you rate as an avid fan of Bond.

The best ever quiz on Movie Skyfall Enjoy!

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    "Skyfall" made how many times Daniel Craig had played James Bond?