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What is the definition of a psychosomatic illness? The average American has how many sick days off work a year? What is a fear of being sick called? These are just some of the questions you could face, and we have many more waiting to be answered.

When feeling under the weather, we often think to ourselves “I can tough this out, there’s no need to get a doctor involved”, but if you feel unsure whether or not you should see a professional, this...

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    What is your temperature?

This Quiz will determine if you are sick or just a regular human.

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    Have you ever thought of young girls?

Because I need a break from studying from finals, and you have nothing better to do.

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    Why did you take that last Buzzfeed quiz?

Are you sick? Not sure? Then find out here!

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    Do you cough or sneeze 1 or more times a minute?

Find out who you REALLY are inside

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    What board do you go on on 4chan?

Sick Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Ill and Sick?
Ill and Sick are most times considered as words that have almost the same meaning. Both words can be used to describe a feeling of unwell in someone's physical and health condition. The major difference between the two words in this context is that b
Why do people feel car sick while riding in the backseat?
Some people tend to nauseate while sitting at the back of a moving car. This happens because a discrepancy occurs between their visual perception and their vestibular perception. The things inside the car appear stationary to them but their bodies re
When food makes you sick?
When you get sick from eating foods, it could have been caused by a few different things. One way you could have gotten sick from the food is if you have a food allergy or intolerance to one of the ingredients in the meal. Allergies and intolerances