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Shopaholic Questions and Answers

  • youre walking to your friends house when you walk past a sale. what do you do?
    Shopaholic question from

  • your friend decides go buy you some ugly brown shoes and she wants you to wear them to her b-day party. bought some totally cute channel heels. which ones do you wear?
    Shopaholic question from

  • do you ever day dream about stores?
    Shopaholic question from

  • When do you usually go shopping?
    Shopaholic question from

  • What do you usually buy?
    Shopaholic question from

  • How much do you spend when your at a store?
    Shopaholic question from

  • How often do you do shopping ?
    Shopaholic question from

  • How much do you spend when you do shopping ?
    Shopaholic question from

  • Do you quite often feel urge to go shopping when you are low or depressed ?
    Shopaholic question from

  • Do you ever find yourself spending more than you set for yo
    Shopaholic question from

  • How many times do you go shopping per week?
    Shopaholic question from

  • Have you ever messed up a relationship  because of financial issues caused by spending too much money on shopping
    Shopaholic question from

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