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Artistic gymnasts are often overlooked when people talk about sports, but it’s a major Olympic event. Did you know that Shawn Johnson started competing in the Junior Olympics at age 12? In 2004 she won first place on the beam and second on the floor!

The next year she went to the US Classic and placed 3rd, but did you know that at the 2--5 US National Championships she fell off of the beam on day 1 and placed 10th? Do you know the 4 events she competed in at the 2008 Olympics? She helped the US win a silver medal in the team event, and in individual events she won two silver medals and one gold! Check out our quizzes for more fun trivia!

Test your Shawn Johnson knowlege to the following trivia questions. Shawn Johnson is an inspiration to all people around the world. See how well you know the facts and take the following quiz.

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    How old is Shawn Johnson?

This quiz is about Shawn Johnson. Get to know her, see what her life is like. Take this quiz and find out if you really know Shawn. Let's get going!  :)

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    What sport does she participate in?

Quiz bout shawn johnson

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    What colors are Shawn's eye?


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