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  • Why is there discrimination against people's chosen sexuality?
    Why is there discrimination against people's chosen sexuality?
    Overly religious people sometimes have the belief that they are better than others because they are “closer” to God. They follow all of the teachings that are written in the Bible. They cannot help bud judge people who choose to honor a different sexuality from their sex. Sexuality can be hard to understand especially if you do not want to learn more about it. Those who are conservative can try little by little to understand other people’s sexuality. People are all different from each other. There are some people who would choose to assume a different role from what they are expected to do. People’s adjustments to these changes should start from themselves.

  • Why don't people have the same sexualities?
    Why don't people have the same sexualities?
    People are all different. This is something that more conservative people should learn to accept. It is not possible to shove down your beliefs on someone else just because you believe in what you are trying to say. Some people think that by providing some teachings, they can inspire other people to change. It will be hard to change someone’s sexuality especially if the person already understands what he/she wants. It is still possible to be friends with someone who has a different sexuality from you. There is nothing wrong with knowing someone who has a different perspective on what sexuality is. Some experts say that the way that our brain is wired may also make some changes.

  • Should sexual orientation be a choice?
    Should sexual orientation be a choice?
    Sexual orientation can be considered a choice because there are some who choose to love another person of the same sex even if they did not think that they would get attracted to the person before. There are also some who feel that they are attracted to someone but they try not to act on it. Some studies show that people have the tendency to become attracted to people just like them which means that they are more inclined to become attracted to people of the same sex. However, society has already dictated that men and women should love each other. This may have made a lot of people confused.

  • Why are people unable to accept their own sexualities?
    Why are people unable to accept their own sexualities?
    They are unable to accept their own sexuality because they are not accepted by the people around them. A lot of people wish that they could belong. If they are unable to get that, they start to feel unhappy about their lives. There are some people who take their own lives because they cannot accept their preference. This is not good. People should come to terms with their sexuality by attending meetings of groups who may understand what they are going through more. Even if their family members and friends cannot accept who they are, at least they can be with other people who will try their best to lessen the burden of what they are going through. The moment that they accept their sexuality, the better they would feel.

  • What are the aspects of the term 'sexuality'?
    What are the aspects of the term 'sexuality'?
    There are some aspects of the term “sexuality.” Physical sexuality can sometimes refer to what the person needs in a physical manner. Emotional sexuality refers to the feelings that a person may have regarding the whole situation. It can be hard for some people to understand their own sexuality because they are not accepted by the people that they know. If this is the case, it is best for people to check out different people who will be more than willing to listen. It will make the person feel more confined to understand their own sexual identity. Some people just end up being confused because they cannot act on how they feel.

  • What does 'Intersex' mean?
    What does 'Intersex' mean?
    Intersex is the condition wherein a person may be born with different characteristics that are not considered to be normal for the typical male and female bodies. For example, a man may be born male with a penis but once he reaches puberty, he would start to develop breasts. This can be a sign of being an intersex person. Intersex is considered to be different from hermaphrodite. Those who are hermaphrodites are born with both male and female genitals. Some people usually consider them as part of the intersex. This is something that not everyone is familiar with at this point in time. Some are still conservative and they do not want to accept that this can occur.

  • What word best describes you in bed?
    What word best describes you in bed?
    I only like to turn out and freak those that are worthy! I will try anything for the one I m with!You have to be willing to not only do Anything, but you should only do ANYTHING with someone worthy..Fucking any and everyone is not freaky, its whoring...stay tuned for that quiz!

  • What is the difference between Escort and Prostitute?
    What is the difference between Escort and Prostitute?
    Some may assume that the escorts and prostitutes are the same. Do remember that an escort may be someone who will accompany other people on dates. There are times when this is all that happens. They just date and escort the person to events. A prostitute is someone who may offer his/her body in exchange for money. The escort usually gets paid higher fees especially if they would also offer sex. Some of them would get paid thousands of dollars for just one night. Prostitutes would have to make do with the small amount of money that they can get every time. Both types of jobs are risky because of the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and sadistic men and women who may hire both escorts and prostitutes. Escorts do not work in a bothel but prostitutes do.

  • What do you understand by the term 'male-male competition'?
    What do you understand by the term 'male-male competition'?
    Males compete with each other so as to maximize reproductive success. EXAMPLES (ANY 3 OF:) Fighting for access to females (eg hercules beetles) Guarding inseminated females to stop other males mating with them (eg damselflies) Removal of rival sperm from the females reproductive duct (eg damselflies) Killing offspring sired by other males (eg infanticide in lions).

  • What sexual side effects can low doses of cocaine have?
    What sexual side effects can low doses of cocaine have?
    Increased desire, increased performance

  • How should I reveal my sexuality if I have conservative parents?
    How should I reveal my sexuality if I have conservative parents?
    It will help if you would be prepared for the reactions that you are going to get. Most parents would feel disbelief especially if they believed that you are “straight.” You can plan out how you are going to come out. You may prepare some articles about the rights of the LGBTQ community. You can also show them that your sexuality is not hindering you from living the life that they dreamed you to have. The only difference is you are probably going to get married to someone of the same sex. You can expect that your conservative parents will probably be angry. They may even demand that you will change but if they love you, the time will come when they would accept you.

  • How can I be sure of my sexuality?
    How can I be sure of my sexuality?
    You do not have to worry if you do not understand your sexuality yet. This is not something that you can understand overnight. People would take years before they will understand who they truly are. There are some people who may learn about their preference more at an earlier age because of their different realizations. You can usually start by questioning to whom do you usually get attracted to. If you know that you get attracted to men even if you are a man, this may be a sign that you are gay. If you are attracted to the opposite sex, you may be considered as heterosexual. There are different things that you will encounter that will allow you to understand your sexuality more.

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