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  • Why do people consider sex a taboo in the society?
    Why do people consider sex a taboo in the society?
    Human beings, like most species, have a strong sex drive because, in the primal hunter-gatherer state, it was optimal to conceive as much as possible. A female might only have 10 years of sexual maturity, and many of her offspring would die off. As human lifespan increased and child deaths decreased, it was possible to conceive many more children than one could support. Various factors, from religion to social shaming, evolved to control unrestrained sex. The act became a “savage”, carnal thing that needed to happen behind drawn curtains but was fundamentally inappropriate for civilized people. It was not something to be done without restrictions and consequences. The advent of widespread contraception in the 20th century meant that the taboos intended to restrict childbearing no longer applied to sex. The idea of the sexual revolution was that sex could be enjoyed for its own sake, free of any societal shackles. However, culture is deeply rooted. It may take more than two generations to fully debunk the view of sex as a somewhat shameful, secretive thing.

  • Should you casually date a co-worker?
    Should you casually date a co-worker?
    It’s tempting to date a co-worker, especially if you work long hours and spend more time with your colleagues than with your friends. What's important to know is looking at your past relationships, if you have any. If they ended without any ugliness, it's okay to date a co-worker. However, it's important to know about the co-worker's past relationships. If there's a sense of neediness or aggression, it's best not to approach the person and look for romance outside the workplace. Another factor is the company's policy on office romances. Most companies, for legal reasons, require their employees to disclose a romantic relationship between a supervisor and a worker so that the company can change the reporting relationship to avoid any actual favoritism or the appearance of favoritism. Even if the two of you are equal, there may concerning factors, including age and departments. It's a risk to have a romantic relationship with a co-worker, especially if there's a company policy against it, but as long as there's a sense of maturity between the two of you, it's worth it.

  • Why does sex feel more like a responsibility after marriage?
    Why does sex feel more like a responsibility after marriage?
    If it seems like a responsibility, there's a chance there's a lack of romance and a presence of tension in the relationship. If you and your partner don't agree on how often you should have sex, be aware that many couples share this situation. It’s not abnormal, and it doesn’t mean that you and your partner are necessarily mismatched. Still, you need to resolve the issue and that can best be accomplished by talking it out. While an honest discussion about sex may not be easy, it's best to put your discomfort aside. Sex chats can provide partners with a variety of benefits. They can help the both of you build trust just by going through the process of revealing very personal thoughts and feelings. You two also have an opportunity to come up with a plan that works for you and your partner. Getting to something you both can live with is better than uncertainty. It makes it easier to manage your expectations so you won’t have to wonder if you’re ever going to have sex again.

  • What should a married couple do if their sexual appetites are too different?
    What should a married couple do if their sexual appetites are too different?
    It’s common to be differences in sexual desire between a couple. Though it is hard to have your sexual advances rejected repeatedly without taking it personally, you need to remind yourself that a partner's lack of interest in sex just may not be about you, your attractiveness or your qualities as a human being. A hormone deficiency or other physiological problems or feelings are reasons that must be recognized. You do want things to change, but have empathy for your loved one as well. Given the choice, he or she would prefer to feel turned on easily. It's not easy to feel disinterested in something your partner thrives on. He or she may feel inadequate. You may feel hurt, but acknowledge how painful it is for your partner. Even if he or she acts defensively, your partner probably spends lots of time thinking why things aren't easier between you. You should make room to be understanding.

  • What might be the causes of sexless marriage?
    What might be the causes of sexless marriage?
    There are many reasons why marriages become sexless. Intimacy anorexia happens more frequently than you might think. It’s when a spouse actively withholds spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy as a form of manipulation. There is also sexual addiction; a spouse may partake in purchasing pornography or having sex with prostitutes. The spouse may suffer from the memory of being sexually abused, committed by an adult they once trusted or a stranger that preyed on them. Other psychological problems associated with a sexless marriage depression and schizoid personality disorder that will alienate the healthy spouse. There's also physical problems, including a low thyroid gland, and, in men, low testosterone. There is also sexual miscommunication while having sex and just habitation sex can be an important factor as well. Not understanding your partner sexually makes the relationship rocky while routine frequency of intercourse tends to diminish over time, especially after 1–2 years of marriage. Medication may be applied to the physical problems, while therapy, singular and couple, can be applied to the mental and emotional problems.

  • What are the disadvantages of sex for health?
    What are the disadvantages of sex for health?
    The advantages of frequent sex usually outweigh the disadvantages. Those advantages include lower stress, lower blood pressure, benefits of exercise, closer bond with your wife, less temptation to cheat (for both). Daily sex, however, can result in soreness and chafing for both partners. Both sexes can also get UTI’s but reduce the risk with good hygiene. There’s also a greater risk of yeast infections, especially for the female, due to an upset in her body’s pH. Got males, wearing a condom can lower the risks of all these. If the couple isn't ready for kids yet, precautions must be taken so the time to think about having a family is well spent. Condoms are good but they still have about a 10% failure rate. The wife can use birth control pills, get an implant or use a diaphragm, but daily sex with that method can make UTI’s more common. It's best to have common sense and take a rest when you’ve had frequent sexual intercourse .

  • Why do women expect men to make the first move at sex?
    Why do women expect men to make the first move at sex?
    The main reason why men have to do the majority of making the first move is gender roles are still a thing. Societies adhering to them so strongly makes it hard for women who disregard those roles. A lot of women would love to be more proactive when it comes to finding a partner, including being the one to make the first move. The problem is that a lot of guys react badly to women who make the first move. Some guys assume far more interest than women actually have because she’s the one making the first move. Women never do that. Others get angry because she must be too easy, trying to trick them or just existing. The other reason why women don’t approach is because they’re dealing with all the same anxieties and fears men are. Sometimes more so because guys don’t get hit with the social “no-no” of being seen as easy and/or an incipient troublemaker for being the person to actually make the first move.

  • Should I have sex on the first date?
    Should I have sex on the first date?
    Just because it’s flattering to be offered sex on the first date, and just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. You probably shouldn’t. This isn’t a moral judgement. There’s nothing immoral about sex so long as both parties have consented, and neither has been deceptive about their ultimate intentions. However, things can go wrong. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but sex on a first date is usually not great. There are a few things at play here. Probably, you've been drinking. That can affect performance in a number of ways. Neither of the participants knows each other very well. That means you don't know what the other person likes in bed and they don't know what you like. If it's a one-night stand, that's fine, but don't expect absolute romance, if you're looking for it too quickly It's not pleasant, but the truth is sex on a first date is more likely to be the kind of sex where the lines between consent and its absence get blurred. It might not be Voilation necessarily, but it's far from simply underwhelming sex. It would be best to have a strong relationship.

  • What are clever ways to ask for sex?
    What are clever ways to ask for sex?
    When wanting to have sex with you partner, talking about sex can be scary, but do your best not to be too nervous. You should be honest if you’re attracted to someone, and you can try to keep the conversation light-hearted. If possible, you should talk about intimacy before you get to the bedroom. Talk about sex in a comfortable, relaxed environment that's not too open and not too private. Make sure you and your potential partner have that environment when you ask them if they’re interested. Help them feel safe and comfortable, and try to read their body language to ensure they feel at ease Bringing up sex ahead of time can help you, and the person you’re into becomes more comfortable. When you and the person you’re talking about sex, ask about their likes and dislikes. Talking about turn-ons which can help make the experience more enjoyable is great. While it might be tough to bring up, practice safe sex and ask them about the type of protection they prefer.

  • What is the difference between Genital Warts and Herpes?
    What is the difference between Genital Warts and Herpes?
    Genital warts and genital herpes are two infections people tend to mistake for themselves. These infections have actually dealt with a lot of people in the United States. Herpes, especially genital herpes, is actually a disease that is transmitted sexually. Let's take a look at a few differences between these two diseases. The first difference here is the way they are caused. One major means by which genital warts might be caused is through the human papillomavirus (HPV), while genital herpes is caused by the HSV-1 virus or the HSV-2 virus. As earlier said, the herpes is basically infected through body contact, especially during sex. On the other hand, warts are usually developed in the private part as a soft or hard bump, and it can also be transmitted through skin contact. To treat herpes, strong antiviral medication can be taken, but genital warts, which is caused by HPV, will leave over time even without the application of anything.

  • Is sex necessary to make my wife fall for me?
    Is sex necessary to make my wife fall for me?
    Not necessarily, because there’s more to a healthy relationship than sexual intercourse. It's all communicating one's feelings. Being romantic solely just to get sex will be seen as manipulative. Hinting at your desires will most likely push her further away, and doing nothing about it will make you resentful, making the relationship ready to fail. When communicating your feelings, it's best to have the conservation with your wife in a neutral place where sex isn’t an option. A coffee shop or a long walk in a public place are good ideas. Talk to her about what intimacy means to you, but also plan out in advance what you hope to say. It's best to have the attitude that you’ll work through the issues together. When you go out let her know that you would like to talk about what sex means to you and the benefits that a fulfilling sex life would bring the both of you.

  • Do couples get time to have sex after marriage in the US?
    Do couples get time to have sex after marriage in the US?
    There are moments where a couple does have sex after getting married, but there is no normal when it comes to the frequency of it. While some couples have romp sessions every day, others have dwindling but satisfactory sex lives. If you're in a marriage and the both of you are struggling with your sex life, this statement probably won’t make couples feel any better. You two are likely looking for a reference point to draw parallels with to determine the state of your sex life. An average couple has sex 68.5 times a year, which means having sex five-to-six times a month and once or twice a week. However, couples individually need to understand how often each person needs to have sex to be fulfilled in the relationship. Some people want to have sex every day, and they are, while other people have other priorities. Therefore, sex isn’t on the top of their list, so they are having it less.