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Seven Minutes in Heaven is a top notch film which revolves around the concept of being in Heaven for seven minutes, a game that is often played by young teens and young adults as a way of making out with someone else in a closet for seven minutes.
There are many things that even the biggest fans of this film might not know. Can you list the director, producer, and the top stars? Do you know when the film was released? If you can, you are quite smart. But did you know that the first film to ever create a fad in Hollywood was that of Mary Pickford who boasted curls in her films, which had been taken from the hair of prostitutes. Take one of our quizzes to see what you know. 

Seven Minutes in Heaven. What would it be like?

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    How do you want your love to look at you like?

Seven minutes in heaven....hope you enjoy.P.S- try not to pick the one that turns out bad.

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What comes to your mind when somebody says to you about "Seven minutes in heaven". How well do you know about it. Lets play this informative quiz to find out.

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  • Sample Question
    Among whom is the game "Seven minutes in heaven" usually played?

There are things that happen without you knowing it. You don't understand why of all people, you were the one chosen to suffer and struggle. Then, someone comes to you in an astonishing way, either to take you out of your...

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  • Sample Question
    In what year was the film released?