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    Which method can be used to route social media inquiries with Salesforce using Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook?


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Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Universal containers support team requires its customers to submit their support inquiries via free form email (outlook,...
The correct answer is option A – Email – to- case Email – to case and on demand email- to - case are the only two options that meet the requirement of submitting cases via email and other option do cannot submit cases via email. E
What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Universal containers staffs its contact Centers to allow for up to 20% of the total case volume to be escalated. The contact...
I think a "daily" report is not so exaustive, and UC want to see the escalation rate, not the case list. The correct answer for me it's: D. Create a case report with a custom summary formula to calculate the percentage of escalated cases.
Which solution can be used to improve call deflection?
I like to experiment with Alpha Plus Male Enhancement to learn the different things that make How to Increase Muscle Mass tick. For crying out loud! It's very simple. They can do it with Alpha Plus Male Enhancement whenever they want. Let's put
How should the following requirement be met? Support engineers need to see a complete chronological list of field edits to a case, associated emails, case comments, and field edits to related...
When engineers are dealing with different lists of complicated data, they need to see the different factors all in one place. They can do this by using the custom visual force page. This page lets them open and view all the different aspects of the p
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