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A group of words that makes up a sentence is called a sentence fragment. It starts with a capital letter and ends up with a period. It usually lacks one of three critical components- a subject, a verb, and a complete idea. Read...

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    Commanded the Continental army in the Revolutionary War.

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    Which of the following are sentence fragments?

It's time to answer some hard and typical questions about sentence fragments. All the best!

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    Of the three sentences in each group, select the one that is NOT a sentence fragment.

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    The following sentence is a sentence fragment: "Unless you eat it."

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    Which of the following sentences is CORRECT?   You may select more than one if necessary.

Sentence Fragment Questions & Answers

What is an independent clause?
Can be used as a sentence.Both dependent and indepandent clauses contain a subject AND a verb. An independent clause is a complete thought and can be used as a sentence. A dependent marker is used for dependent clauses.
What is a dependent clause?
Contains a subject and a verb.Both dependent and independent clauses have a subject and a verb. A dependent clause can not be used as a sentence, nor does it express a complete thought.
Which of the following sentences is CORRECT? You may select more than one if necessary.
Managing to balance on one foot, she removed the last sheet from the laundry line. She managed to balance on one foot. Managing to balance on one foot is difficult for a toddler.B is a sentence fragment because it is missing a subject. In other word