Sentence Fragment Quizzes & Trivia

Read the following sentences.  Identify each one as a complete sentence or a sentence fragment.

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    Commanded the Continental army in the Revolutionary War.

Test your knowledge of sentence fragments.

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    Which of the following sentences is CORRECT?   You may select more than one if necessary.

This question quiz will test your knowledge of how to identify and correct fragments. Select which type of fragment it is (after thought, -ing, or dependent) and select which re-written sentence is correct.  Pay close...

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    The greatest record of all time is Abby Road by The Beatles.  Which was their final record as a group.

Instructions You will be given a group of words that together do not comprise a complete sentence. Select the answer that changes this group of words into a complete sentence.

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    1.) At the park.

Let's find problems in each sentence!

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    When the students were done with the class.

Sentence Fragment Questions & Answers

A woman who made history.
Why is this sentence fragment when it has a subject and what the subject is doing?
On December 25, 1776, Washington his troops across the Delaware River.
9) Perfected the aqualung. 10) The aqualung is a cylinder of compressed air, it is worn on the back and connected to a mouthpiece.
What is the following statement? "On December 25, 1776, Washington moved his troops across the Delaware River."
This is a complete sentence. There are a few ways to tell if a sentence is a fragment or if it’s complete. One of the best ways to tell if something is a sentence fragment is to see if it makes sense on its own. It will typically denote a full,
Which of the following best describes the following sentence ? The duck billed platypus.
How is it a sentence fragment? There is a subject, a verb, and a direct object.