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France is a sports mad country, and one sport where they have particularly done well, and which they're especially passionate about. One of their most successful tennis players of all time was Sebastien Grosjean, and you could be sure he's always be featuring in the closing stages of tournaments right up until his retirement in 2010. Do you know all there is to know about men's tennis in the last twenty years? Really? It's time to prove it then by taking our fun yet challenging Sebastien Grosjean quizzes.

In which year was Grosjean born, and in which city in the south of France? What was the highest world ranking that Sebastien Grosjean achieved in his career? Which three out of four grand slam tournaments was he a semi-finalist in? Our questions are waiting to be served to you.

How well do you know Sebastien Grosjean? Let’s find out

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  • Sample Question
    Who did Sebastien Grosjean knock out in the quarter final of Wimbledon 2003?


Sebastien Grosjean Questions and Answers