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Yorkshire born actor Sean Bean is a throwback to another generation. Tough, rugged, moody, and full of menace, he has become famed for his work on television and in films. Sean's equally at home playing villains in Bond films, as he is playing a hero in the Lord Of The Rings films. He found a new generation of fans for his role as Lord Eddard Stark in Game Of Thrones.
Whether you've followed Sean since the start of his career or are keen new fan, you'll want to take our Sean Bean quizzes. What famous acting company was Sean Bean once a part of? In which war was his character Sharpe an officer? He is a huge fan of a soccer team, and made a film about them, but what are they called? All these questions and more are waiting for you.

English actor Sean Bean is multinational acting phenomenon. He has the charisma, experience and education. Do you think you know him? I dare you to take this quiz.

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    Sean Bean was born in which of these months?

Answer these questions to determine the type of legume God intended you to be.

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    Which of these products do you first put into your shopping cart?

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