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The super successful baseball pitcher Scott Kazmir has certainly seen highs and lows during his career, but through hard work, skill, and determination he's always come back stronger than ever. That's what makes Scott such a consummate pro, and a great example to people wanting to make a career in sport. Do you cheer him on ever time he steps onto the pitch, even when he's playing against your team? If so you'll just have to take our Scott Kazmir quizzes.

Into which team was Scott Kazmir drafted, before being strangely traded to which other team? Injuries led to Kazmir dropping into, and then out of, the minor leagues before he was rescued by which major league franchise? How many games did he win in 2014, sealing his comeback? Pitch up, the questions are waiting for you.

How big of Scott Kazmir fan are you?

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    Who was Scott Kazmir's high school teammate that was also drafted in the first round?


Scott Kazmir Questions and Answers

  • Who was Scott Kazmirs high school teammate that was also drafted in the first round?
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  • Whose record for strikeouts in a season did Scott Kazmir break in high school?
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  • What team did Scott Kazmir completely shutout on July 3, 2006?
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