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Did you love your time at school, or did you wish there could have been a bit more, well, rock in it? Well in the fantastically fun 'School Of Rock' film Jack Black shows just how awesome it would be to be a taught by a teacher who's majored in rock 'n' roll. This film was a smash hit, and even led to a spin off Broadway musical, and it's not hard to see why. If it's a film that you could watch time and time again, take a look at our School Of Rock quizzes.

Can you remember in which year School Of Rock burst onto our screens? What's the name of Jack Black's character, and why was he kicked out of his band? Which legendary actress plays the school principle? It's time to see whether you get a big fat F or an A+.
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    If an employee believes a student has been subjected to child abuse or neglected, they should immediately report it to their direct supervisor.