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Scarface is a Cuban Crime drama. What type of drama does this movie entail? Tony Montana and Manny Ray are friends, not to mention Cuban refugees. Where do Manny Ray and Tony Montana end up, when they help the drug deal Frank Lopez kill a Cuban dictator?
Do they come out of their predicament safely? Do they return with what they were asked? What awaits these heroes in their new lives as drug dealers? I hope you know all of the answers, because you have just got challenged to take these Scarface quizzes.

Scarface is a classic 1983 American crime film that tells the story of Cuban refugee Tony Montana’s arrival in Miami with nothing, and his subsequent rise to power in the drug industry. What do you remember about the film?

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    Scarface was filmed in 1983. When was the Original Scarface filmed?

Find out if you’re a real movie lover in this Scarface (1983) quiz

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    What film about a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug empire was released in 1983?