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How much do you really know about the Princess Protection Program? Let’s call a Truce when it comes to the talented and versatile Samantha Droke. This long-legged Texan native has some pretty interesting friends, can you guess who some of them are? She likes to hang out with princesses, witches, girls, Jane Doe and an occasional detective on various television shows and movies.

She is talented beyond acting, just ask Selena or Ashley, with many successful creative adventures and accomplishments under her belt. God Bless America, this American Teenager is an amazingly creative person. Take our Samantha Droke quizzes to see if you really know as much as you think you might about this lovely Neighbor with a Secret Life.

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  • Sample Question
    "Stegosawus Twainewr" refers to what?

Samantha Droke Questions and Answers

  • Stegosawus Twainewr refers to what?
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  • Where did Samantha serve in the Peace Corps?
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  • Between the two of them, what languages do Arvil and Samantha speak?
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