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Salesforce essentials have the main role of improving the connection among the customers, channel partners and internal employees of a company. The quiz below is the first in a series of tests that are designed to help you pass...

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    You must create the business process before creating record types for each of the following objects, EXCEPT:

Salesforce is an American cloud computing company based in San Francisco, California, whose primary source of revenue comes from a customer relationship management product. What do you know about the company and what they do?

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    Creates ads that display on search engines in Salesforce:

Set # 3

Questions: 31  |  Attempts: 7500   |  Last updated: Jan 25, 2013
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    Standard users can import a maximum of how many account records in a session?

Set # 4 - Random Questions

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    Which of the following is not part of the profile?

Last set in my series - includes Spring'11 questions

Questions: 45  |  Attempts: 3999   |  Last updated: Jan 25, 2013
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    What should be the Advanced filter Conditions to meet the requirement “Find contacts owned by XXX that have a title of CFO, functional role of CFO, or reports to the CFO? 1) Title equals CFO 2) Functional Role equals CFO 3) Reports To equals CFO 4) Contact Owner contains XXX


Salesforce Admin Questions & Answers

Which permission is required to convert a lead?
The answer to this is B. This can be easy to do. You just need to go to the Leads button. Then, select the lead that you are going to convert. Click on the command that says convert. You can choose to add the lead to a new account or you can choose t
Which of the following is not a standard Salesforce Application?
The standard salesforce applications are quite wide, and encompass call center work and marketing as well as all the sales operations. However, it is not expected that the salesforce will engage in service issues or work. There are differently quali
What does a page layout allow an administrator to control?
B in the answer to this question. The administrator will be in charge and can edit the fields users see in detail and edit pages. This is important because the users are not supposed to see all of the details when they check out the website they want
What should be done to ensure that sales users cannot access cases owned bymarketing users?
In Salesforce, there are two different types of users that may need information from each other. They are the sales users and the marketing users. The sales users use records in the Salesforce from their company in order to produce more sales. The ma
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