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Covers the Disney movie Ruby Bridges

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    What was the name and year of the new school Ruby attended?

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    How old is Ruby Bridges when she attends Frantz Elementary School

This quiz will help our understanding regarding our unit focusing on racism.  The questions contained in this quiz will have content from our novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the south in the 1960's, and Ruby Bridges.

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    Who was Atticus Finch representing?


Ruby Bridges Questions & Answers

What was the name and year of the new school Ruby attended?
I think it's 1960 William Frantz Elementaryinks.
What reason did the vice principal give for lowering Ruby's test scores?
The correct answer is option A Ruby Bridges was the first black to attend an all-white elementary school in the South. She attended the William Frantz Elementary School. The principal of the school didn’t want Ruby to be in the same class with
What threat did Mrs. Henry make to the vice principal that resulted in the kids being integrated?
Mrs. Henry made the threat to call the superintendent, though in my research to answer this question, I could not find a source to back up the previous answer. However, there is a lot to the story of Mrs. Henry and Ruby Bridges that not many people k
What was the first event to take place that caused a change for Ruby Bridges at her new school?
Ruby Nell Bridges Hall was born on September 8th of the year 1954. She would grow up to be an American civil right activist. She started her study in one of the first African American schools after the entire New Orleans desegregation crisis which to