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Do you root for rodents? Then why not test your knowledge and might with our rodent trivia quizzes. From mice and rats to beavers and squirrels, we’ve got trivia about all types of rodents, waiting for your use. So bite into our fascinating trivia quizzes, and see how you stack up.

We’re proud to offer fine quizzes on a variety of subjects and topics, including rodents of all kinds. We’re sure you’ll get a kick out of all of our trivia! Did you know a porcupine’s quills can be up to a foot long? Did you know the lemmings don’t really commit suicide? Do you know the alternative name for a groundhog, or how a flying squirrel “flies”? If so, you’re ready to take on our top rodent trivia quizzes. Test yourself and your friends today.

Hiya! My name's Ralph! I'm a hamster. A hamster is a rodent. Are you a hamster?or are you a guinea pig? or a mouse, or a rat? Find out here!

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    If someone randomly ran up to to you and said "Hey! You've just won a trip to get stranded on a deserted island for a few months! Do you accept?" Your reply would be :

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    Where's your favorite Mexican food place?

Everything you wanted to know about rodents and maybe more...

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    How long do mice and rats normally live for?

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Rodent Questions & Answers

How long do mice and rats normally live for?
Mice and rats usually live for one year. House mice usually live less than one year in the wild, due to a high level of predation and exposure to harsh environments. In protected environments, however, they can live two to three years. The Methuselah
Which kind of animal is a "gundi" ?
The gundi is a mammal. More specifically, it’s a kind of rodent that is found more or less exclusively in Africa. The first time anyone from the west saw them was in Tripoli in 1774. The gundi rat got their name around this time. While there ar
How do you safely pick up a rat?
In order to safely pick up a rat, you gently grasp rat over back and ribs. You place your thumb and finger behind elbows, pushing them forward slightly. Taking home a new pet rat is an exciting event - it can be hard to fight the urge to pick up your
What can lead neonate rats to get ringtail?
Humidity below 30% can cause rats to get ringtail. Ringtail is a lesion or annular constriction of the tail resulting from the lack of hydration in the skin of the tail. You may see the following if your rat has ringtail: A circular ring at the base