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Road To Revolution Questions and Answers

  • By 1754, Colonists in the British colonies
    Road to revolution question from

  • What word means: group of civilians decalred by law to be called to military service and trained as soldiers to fight in emergencies. 
    Road to revolution question from

  • What word means: Organized network for passing along news of British activity to the colonies.
    Road to revolution question from

  • Who did Britian ask to join them in the war against the French and Indians?
    Road to revolution question from

  • Who won the war?
    Road to revolution question from

  • How did the Boston Massacure happen?
    Road to revolution question from

  • What signalled the British soldiers to shoot at a crowd during the Boston Massacre?
    Road to revolution question from

  • How did the courts in the 18th century differ from courts today?
    Road to revolution question from

  • What political beliefs did John Adams have about the Boston Massacre and the trial?
    Road to revolution question from

  • What event is often referred to as the turning point in British & Colonial relations?
    Road to revolution question from

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