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Are you a Filipino nurse or an aspiring one? If so, we are sure you have heard of rnpedia! Do you think you are ready for our rnpedia quiz?

Can you name three different sections of nursing rnpedia covers? Which exams does rnpedia have information on? Can you name three books recommended by rnpedia? Can you name ten different topics which are part of the fundamentals in nursing? In medical and surgical nursing, can you name two topics beginning with v? Can you name ten of the communicable diseases? In psychiatric nursing, can you name three different conditions? Do you think you know the answers to these questions? Take the rnpedia quizzes now and find out! These are sure to test even the most prepared of nurses!
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     The nurse is caring for a client admitted with suspected myasthenia gravis. Which finding is usually associated with a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis?

Choose the letter of the correct answer. Goodluck!

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    The physician has prescribed Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide) for a client with nephotic syndrome. The nurse should: 


Rnpedia Questions & Answers

What is the most sensitive diagnostic test for myasthenia gravis?
Rapid but brief symptomatic improvement Tensilon acts systemically to increase muscle strength; with a peak effect in 30 seconds, It lasts several minutes.
Which finding is usually associated with a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis?
Progressive weakness that is worse at the day’s endThe client with myasthenia develops progressive weakness that worsens during the day. Visual disturbances, including diplopia is incorrect because it refers to symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Ascen
What is the nurse’s priority intervention while the dosage is being adjusted?
Evaluate the client’s muscle strength hourly after medication Peak response occurs 1 hour after administration and lasts up to 8 hours; the response will influence dosage levels.
Why does a client with myasthenia gravis receive immunosuppressive therapy?
Decreases the production of autoantibodies that attack the acetylcholine receptors.Steroids decrease the bodys immune response thus decreasing the production of antibodies that attack the acetylcholine receptors at the neuromuscular junction
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