Top Rich Dad, Poor Dad Quizzes & Trivia

WORK HARD NOT TO WORK IN A COMPANY BUT TO OWN IT. This is but one of the many striking lines from the book of Robert T. Kiyosaki entitled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. It is a motivational book which inspires us to earn more money through investing, starting our own business and increasing one’s financial intelligence. It’s a story about the author’s two dads, one rich, an entrepreneur who never graduated high school and the poor dad, a highly educated government worker.

The two dads have contradicting views about finances. While the rich dad tells him to take risks with money and learn how to manage risks. The poor dad tells otherwise. What advise must he have to his son? Would you believe that this book has sold over 26 million copies? It even topped numerous Best Seller Lists. Sounds interesting? Test your wit on our quizzes. 

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