Reservoir Dogs Quizzes & Trivia

Have you seen the film Reservoir Dogs? If you are squeamish or faint at the sight of blood, you will probably spend the duration of this movie unconscious. If not, then get ready to enjoy this classic crime thriller. What happens when you get eight people together to pull off a diamond heist? You’ve got a mob boss, his son, and six other individuals who all use aliases.
In typical Tarantino fashion, find out about each of these mysterious individuals and what leads them to this moment. What happened during those moments? Can you remember? If you like a good criminal intrigue story but don’t like a linear timeline, then this is the movie for you. But, let's test your skills on remembering parts of this movie. Take the quizzes now.

Take these quiz questions on the world renowned movie Reservoir Dogs (1992)

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  • Sample Question
    Who directed the 1992 thriller, "Reservoir Dogs"?