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Reign Over Me is a 2007 American comedy drama film directed by Mike Binder. Who would forget September 11, 2001 attacks ? When the Twin Towers of New York City were toppled down by terrorists many lives were lost. Charlie Fineman played by Adam Sandler lost everything important to him, his wife and daughters. The once successful, vibrant and sociable person became the exact opposite. How in the world do you think can one move on?

Still grieving on his family’s deaths, he accidentally met an old friend and their friendship was rekindled. His friend also had his own sad stories to tell . As the saying goes, “Misery loves Company”, the two might just be the best persons to confide to. Can they still have normal lives? How will the two help each other? If you are a Sandler fan, then you have to answer our quizzes.

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    In the 2007 movie "Reign Over Me", what is Alan's connection with Charlie?