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Rebecca is a cinematic love story? Do you know who directed it? The story revolves around a young woman who moves to where? Who did Rebecca end up falling in love with? Everything would have been fine and dandy, except that Maxim is found to be a widower, and he can’t seem to get over the death of his previous wife Rebecca.
So now we have a scenario where an unnamed lead has to try and compete with the title character, which is just a recipe for failure. Can she overcome Rebecca dark legacy and truly win the heart of Maxim? Try out these quizzes to test your knowledge on Rebecca.

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Rebecca Questions and Answers

  • What is writer's workshop?

  • What is the basic format to incorporate writer's workshop in your lesson?

  • What is the importance of the mini lesson?

  • Qu'est ce que je bois à la plage?
    Rebecca question from

  • J'adore joue au volley et un frisbee.
    Rebecca question from

  • Qu'est ce-que faire à la plage?
    Rebecca question from

  • Let's start off with a simple one.What's my favourite colour? 
    Rebecca question from

  • What are my top 3 favourite bands/artists?
    Rebecca question from

  • My favourite songs from said artists are:LIGHTS: QuietA Silent Film: Harbour LightsFlagship: Life Underwater
    Rebecca question from

  • what did i want to be when i grow up? can choose multiple

  • Who is my celebrity crush?  can choose multiple

  • What my favorite color?