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Rashard Lewis was always a hot basketball prospect, which is why he skipped college to head straight into the ultra-competitive world of the NBA. It's a decision that neither his team nor his fans have ever regretted. This is the man who puts the 'power' into power forward. Whilst knee problems may have brought his career to a premature end, his achievements will stay in the history books for ever.
Are you a real basketball buff? Put your knowledge to the test by taking one of our Rashard Lewis quizzes. Can you remember which team signed Rashard Lewis in the 1998 draft? Which team had signed Lewis for the 2014 season, until he failed his fitness test? In which year was he an NBA championship winner? It's time to see whether you can be a quiz winner.

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    In addition to spending time with his family, what does Rashard Lewis like to do in his spare time?


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