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Everybody loves a bit of Randy Johnson, the man who proved that you don't have to be right handed to achieve phenomenal success in the MLB. He was the Big Unit with the big talent, and he gained big rewards by picking up 10 all star appearances along with 5 Cy Young awards. Did you love to watch Randy in action? If so, you should put your memory and knowledge to the test by taking one of our exciting Randy Johnson quizzes.

Randy's strikeout record is the best ever by a left handed player, but where does it place him on the major league all-time list? With which team did Randy win his solitary World Series? In which year was he indicted into the baseball hall of fame? Get these and more right and you could make the quiz hall of fame.

Take this quiz and find out how much do you know about Randy Johnson?

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    What is Randy Johnson's birth name?


Randy Johnson Questions and Answers