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A comprehensive database of radius quizzes online, test your knowledge with radius quiz questions. Our online radius trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top radius quizzes.

"Get out of the blast radius!", "We need to setup checkpoints on a 10 mile radius...", "What's the bite radius?"... You might have heard the term “radius” referenced in different movies. Who would have thought geometry also had a role in Hollywood too? Are you confident with your geometry skills? Do you think you can "figure" out our "radius" quizzes?

Yes, in circles, it's that line segment from the center to the perimeter. Are you still with us? If you answered "yes", then can you solve for the radius given different scenarios? How do you find the radius given the circumference of a circle? What about if the area is given? If these questions aren't making your mind go in circles, then you're the one for this job! It’s your time to shine. Prove that you're in tip top shape to answer our "radius" quizzes!

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  • What is the radius of the circle?
    What is the radius of the circle?
    When I was answering this question it was not showing me the picture so that I could answer the question.

  • What is the diameter of the figure?
    What is the diameter of the figure?

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