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We must look inside you and make sure everything is ok. We will use a method of radiobiology that has never been used before. Instead of x-rays or anything else we will be exposing you to questions, one after another, and we will analyze the results based on your answers. It is even less intrusive than radiobiology so you need not worry about this. In fact, you can even have a look at some questions to ease up.

What was the name of the German physicist that discovered the x-rays? Radiobiology as a field of clinical and basic medical sciences, originated from Leopold Freund's 1896 demonstration of the therapeutic treatment of what? Find out more about radiobiology and answer all the questions to make it to the top spot.

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  • Sample Question
    What is the most abundant compound in the human body?

In this quiz on radiography, we’ll look at some of the proper safety protocols when using X-rays, which come with a lot of harmful radiation if you’re not careful. What do you know about the practice?

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    Ionizing radiation is dangerous because it is capable of producing ions or charged particles, such as: Alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, and x-rays


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    Which is a component of Impedance?

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Radiobiology Questions & Answers

The threshold level for radiation injury to the CNS is between:
It should be more than 5000 rad more than gastrointestinal tract syndrome
SA: 1.8MEP: more positive than -100ECV: 2.4
Ossicular chain discontinuity
Which of the following is one of the problems that currently limit the use of hyperthermia?
The ability to deliver and measure the heat dose in deep seated tumors
Which of the following statements is true about the cell survival curves presented in figure 5-6: A. The curve for aerated cells has a small shoulder region B. D0 fo rthe aerated cells is...
1. A, B, and CAs we dont know what figure 5-6 shows, this one isnt graded, but just a reminder that you should be able to answer a question like this.