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Complete the following 10 questions that test your knowledge and understanding of radioactive half life.

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    Examine the diagram modeling radioactive decay of some material. If two more half lives occurred, how many Parent element atoms (boxes) will remain?

Radioactive Dating Questions & Answers

What is the fission track dating method?
To understand fission track dating, you must first understand what fission tracks are. Fission tracks are linear structures formed in rock crystals. They form due to the spontaneous radioactive decay of U-238(Uranium) into two Pd-119(Palladium) daugh
What is radioactive dating?
Radioactive dating is a means of finding the age of an organic compound. This is because there is always some amount of radioactive carbon present in the remains. These are evaluated and then compared with the standard half-life to find out the actua
What are the fundamentals used of radioactive dating?
The fundamentals is that we are looking for a certain radioactive element. We know that it has a certain half-life. All we need to do is find the actual content of the isotope in that sample. We can then find out the difference between the actual amo
Who discovered radioactive dating?
Radioactive dating was first invented by Earnest Rutherford in the year 1905. He used it as a means of determining the actual age of earth. Although the initial techniques were flawed it laid the basis of the method and has since then become a reliab