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Radar is a detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction or speed of an object, and they are extremely important in tracking aircrafts, ships, vehicles, missiles, terrain, spacecrafts and even weather. These quizzes are informational, educational and fun to take, or play with your friends and families to not only have a fun game to play, but also learn more about how important radars are in our society.
You can learn all about the different types of radars, how they are used, what they are used on or with and who uses them, among so many other facts that will blow your mind! Do you think you know all about how radar works? Take these quizzes with friends and find out who knows the most!
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There are different types of radar systems. Active radar transmits a signal that is reflected back to the receiver and Passive radar, which depends upon the object sending a signal to the receiver. Test your knowledge on...

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    What type of search is used extensively as a navigation aid in coastal waters and in poor weather conditions and can detect and determine accurate range and bearing of surface objects and low flying aircraft?

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