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  • It is a graphic or a piece of text in an internet document that can connect readers to another webpage, or another portion of a document.

  • It is an application that allows client to view documents on the web with a hypertext context. It is also used to view web pages, text, graphics and videos and hear sounds on the web.

  • It is a type of graphical user interface element that allows the user to choose only one of a predefined set of options.

  • LAN and WAN represnt a
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  • A process that must be performed before inserting data into a database
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  • The diffirence between Internet and Intranet is that:
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  • What your fave song.. ? (:
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  • What your fave accessorie?? (: x
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  • I Love you! x
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  • Stress is
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  • An example of Jerrys physiological stress reaction is
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  • One of Jerrys stressors is
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