Quadrilateral Quizzes & Trivia

Are you a geometricist? Do you know your rhonbuses from your squares, and your polygons from your trapezoids? Well, then your 3-dimensional body is in for some 2d fun! 2 + 2 = 4, and that's the same numbers as the sides in a boxing ring, or the legs on a mouse! What is the point?

Well, if all goes well, then the point shouldn't be a triangle, as that has three sides! These quizzes are about quadrilaterals...quad meaning four, and lateral meaning sides or lines! Prepare to be square, as you answer questions about squares, rectangles, rhombuses and trapeziums...and some more shapes I don't even know what they're called! Called all sides, be they walls, or fences. It's time to get real!

Answer each question that follows, click only on the correct answer. On a separate piece of paper, write the correct answer, the worst answer and why, and the distractor and why! For one extra point, stand up and shout...

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  • Sample Question
    You have determined after using a protractor that one of the angles of the following triangle is 90 degrees, and one angle is 45 degrees. What is the measurement of the missing angle?

Quiz on quadrilaterals

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  • Sample Question
    A quadrilateral with exactly on pair of parallel sides

Answer the following questions based on your knowledge of quadrilaterals.

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  • Sample Question
    Give all the names that apply to this quadrilateral.

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Quadrilateral Questions & Answers

What is a quadrilateral with exactly on pair of parallel sides called?
Please check your spelling. There are many misspelled words. Also, there are some questions that have more than one correct response. Don't abbreviate words for young children.
What is a parallelogram?
All of the above since the letter a too description of a parallelogram.
What is the measure of angle B?
The measurement of the angle b is 45, because i just guessed