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Pure Prairie League is actually a band and not a film, but there are films available about the band and their work. Many of the biggest fans of this group know it under the abbreviation of PPL rather than the full name. This group actually has roots that date quite far back. Do you know the roots of the group? If you guessed between 1965 and 1969 you are correct. This group is considered that of a country rock group.

Do you know where the group originated? The answer is “in the city of Waverly”, located in the state of Ohio. Can you list some of the key members of the group? They include Jim Caughlan, Tommy McGrail, and Craig Fuller. The last name is John Call. If you guessed any of those you should try to see what else you know about this group by completing one of our many online quizzes. 

Calling all Pure Prairie League fans for the ultimate quiz challenge

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    Which of these songs by Pure Prairie League entered the Top 40 chart?