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Doctors advise that the best state of health is when you are in a good and healthy psychological state. This is health of the mind. Many problems are all states of the mind. The psychological literacy quiz below has more.

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    Most people only use about 10% of their brains

Psychological Literacy is the adaptive capacity to ensure the application of psychological science to achieve individual or personal and societal or general needs. It deals with the ways or methods or channels of processing...

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    Most people only use how many percent of their brain? 


Psychological Literacy Questions & Answers

Is the following true or false? Psychiatric hospital admissions and crimes increase during full moons.
FalseWhilst you can probably see a bit better when you go out on a full moon, you are not more likely to get murdered, be in a car accident or be bitten by a rabid dog. Researchers have unearthed no good evidence of a lunar effect, despite earlier f
Is it true that most people use about 10% of their brains only?
FalseWho wouldnt want to believe that we all have 90% of untapped brain potential in us all? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Research indicates that pretty much all of our brain is used for a variety of functions. This includes memory, visual an
Is the following true or false? Subliminal messages cannot persuade people to purchase products.
1. TrueIts hard enough for advertisers to impress people with blatant images let alone when they are barely detectable. Similarly, the band Judas Priest gained publicity through claims that satanic messages could be heard backwards in their heavy met
It’s better to express anger to others than to hold it in.
FalseEven though most people believe relieving anger is healthier than bottling it up, you are only more likely to get angry as a result. The catharsis belief that you feel better after letting off steam is just not true. Expressing anger is only hel
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