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Do you know the difference between psychiatry and psychology? Do you have all the disorders in the DSM all but memorized? What’s the scope of practice of a psychiatrist, and what kind of training does such a care provider need?

What happens inside the walls of a psychiatric hospital – is it really like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or Girl, Interrupted in there? What kinds of therapy are available to people who suffer from mental illness, and what kinds of medication? If you or someone you care about suffers from a mental disorder, or if you have an interest in a career in psychiatric health as a psychiatrist, nurse, or therapist, take our quizzes on psychiatric to find out more about this world.

Promoting good mental and emotional health

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    Physical health is connected to mental and emotional heath.

Welcome to Psychiatric Nursing (HESI EXAMINATION) Prepared by: Jeffrey Viernes Psychiatric Nursing or mental health nursing is the specialty of nursing that cares for people of all ages withmental...

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    The nurse is working with a client who has sought counseling after trying to rescue a neighbor involved in a house fire. In spite of the client's efforts, the neighbor died. Which action does the nurse engage in with the client during the working phase of the nurse-client relationship? 

Check your knowledge of ECT

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    Which statement is most accurate?

This quiz asks generalized questions as they relate to mental health.

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    Mental health exams provide a quick assessment of patient's mood, cognitive ability, and thought processes.

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Psychiatric Questions & Answers

A client admitted to the mental health unit is experiencing disturbed thought processes and believes that the food is being poisoned. Which communication technique does the nurse plan to use to...
Using open-ended questions and silenceOpen-ended questions and silence are strategies used to encourage clients to discuss their problems. Options 3 and 4 are not helpful to the client because they do not encourage the client to express feelings. The
A nurse enters a client's room, and the client is demanding release from the hospital. The nurse reviews the client's record and notes that the client was admitted 2 days ago for treatment...
1. Contact the physician.Generally, the client seeks voluntary admission. Voluntary clients have the right to demand and obtain release. If the client is a minor, the release may be contingent on the consent of the parent(s) or guardian. The nurse ne
A woman comes into the emergency room in a severe state of anxiety following a car accident. The appropriate nursing intervention is to:
Remain with the client.If a client with severe anxiety is left alone, the client may feel abandoned and become overwhelmed. Placing the client in a quiet room is also important, but the nurse must stay with the client. Teaching the client deep breath