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    Barbituates can be classified as:


Psychedelic Drug Questions & Answers

Should all psychedelics be legalized (why/why not)?
There are costs and benefits to legalizing any drug, including psychedelics. The benefits are that legalizing psychedelics would take much of the industry out of the black market, making them much safer for people. Legal psychedelics might also gener
What does it feel like to be on DMT?
Many people experience DMT differently. Generally, it gives you a high that causes an altered state of mind. It can also feel like reality is distorted and you may see or hear things that are not really there. The hallucinations that people experienc
Will I feel Paranoia while taking LSD (if I get paranoid from marijuana)?
You won't necessarily feel the same paranoia from LSD as you do from marijuana. It really depends on your mood when you take it and the people around you. Many people find that marijuana makes them paranoid and anxious but LSD gives a body high as we
Will I find out my life's purpose on DMT?
The effects of DMT can be similar to the effects of LSD in that the high can lead to hallucinations, irrational fears, and an overall distorted sense of reality. Some people claim to discover their life's purpose while on DMT or other mind-altering h
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