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A comprehensive database of more than 34 problem quizzes online, test your knowledge with problem quiz questions. Our online problem trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top problem quizzes.

How do you solve your problems? Conflict mediation, arbitration, running away a fist to the face… well, with a math problem, usually using a calculator is a pretty safe bet to get the answers you need.

Do you need practice solving arithmetic problems? Can your accounting skills use a little honing? From story problems to simple equations, we can almost all use a little brush-up before that next problem skills test.

Whether the buttons on your calculator are so worn the numbers hardly are barely readable to the naked eye any more, or even if you can solve a complicated equation in your head in seconds flat, take our problem quizzes and arrange the advancement of your arithmetic, financial and problem solving acumen!

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  • What is the updated parameters for a bug to be escalated? (check all that apply)

  • Zip code boundaries on Zillow can be updated similarly to city boundaries on Zillow. Simply submit a bug as you would a city boundary to be corrected.

  • Convert 5% to a fraction.
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  • X is 48 less than 496. X is 448

  • Kenneth has c oatmeal cookies. He splits them evenly among 10 bags. Write an expression that shows how many cookies are in each bag.

  • If 1,464,454 women were incarcerated last year and only 111,287 men were similarly incarcerated , does this prove sexism in the police force?

  • If reports show that tree growth has globally doubled in the past year and yet all throughout your city you can clearly see that all trees have died, should you disregard the report?

  • The Moodite clan has a ritual at the age of 5 to apply the juices from the Growmore plant as a faith-based ritual in hopes to encourage growth of the child. This clan also has a mood-altering disease that affects 5% of their population and 99% of the time it afflicts children a month after they turn 5. Does this show that the Growmore plant causes the disorder?