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Sunglasses? Check! Serious pose? Check! Big money prize, top players and a steady hand? You bet! Big blind, small blind, Aces, chips and fold. We’ve got them all in our Poker quiz. The dealer’s giving out questions for this one: “Does the flop come in first or last?”, “Which of the following is not a variety of Texas Hold'em?”,

“Which starting hand is also known as "Pocket Rockets”?”. Don’t stress though, you might let the others in on your strategy. Keep a cool head and gently raise. When you’re ready to hit it big, go all in. You’ll be going home with a serious paycheck of correct answers and all the fame Vegas has to offer. It’s the unpredictable world of Poker and we’ve got questions fit for a player like you!

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  • Which starting hand is also known as Pocket Rockets?
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  • Which of the following is not a variety of Texas Hold'em?
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  • What is a Rainbow-Flop?
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  • What is the name of the small forced bet each player must pay to play a hand in poker?

  • What type of online poker allows players to win entry to live poker events?

  • Whats the poker term for drawing cards that make your hand different from the hand you were originally trying to make?

  • What is the nickname of cowboy-hat wearing poker player Chris Ferguson?
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  • In the game of poker what is a hand called that has no special card rankings and the highest card is an ace?
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  • What is a poker hand with 3 aces and a pair of any other value?
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