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Playing Card Questions and Answers

  • Which of the following traits do you relate to the most? 
    Playing card question from

  • How would you describe your lifestyle?
    Playing card question from

  • Which of the following do you cherish the most in life?
    Playing card question from

  • When playing three-card poker, what is the highest hand one can have?
    Playing card question from

  • In Clobyosh also known as Bela, what is the ranking of the non-trump suit?
    Playing card question from

  • In Mille Bornes, which of these would you top with a repair card to keep placing distance cards?
    Playing card question from

  • Which card game is played by lying?
    Playing card question from

  • In "Bridge", how do the suits rank, lowest to highest?
    Playing card question from

  • What is the object of "Hearts"?
    Playing card question from

  • Which of these represents 1?
    Playing card question from

  • What does 2 represent?
    Playing card question from

  • What does 3 represent?
    Playing card question from

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