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Pizza to the max! Not the official motto, but here’s a good question: what is the official Pizza Hut slogan currently in use in the US? Definitely a great treat for any pizza lover and a great franchise as well. Obviously, plenty of trivia to go along with that: which former USSR premier starred in a Pizza Hut commercial in 1997 in order to raise money for the Perestroyka Archives.

Or how about this one: what other Italian inspired gastronomical product did Pizza Hut start to offer in America, starting with April 1st, 2008? Now we all also know that great food goes well with great sports, so name the English football club that had Pizza Hut as its shirt sponsor for the 2001-2002 season!

Finally, what Major League Soccer team’s stadium bore the name Pizza Hut Park from 2005 to 2012? Dig right in and enjoy! 

Pizza hut is an American restaurant commonly known for its american-italian cuisines pizza. How well do you know about pizza hut? Figure out with this short quiz.

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    What year was Pizza hut founded?

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    What is on the Appitizer platter?

Pizza Hut Questions and Answers

  • What year was Pizza hut founded?

  • What were the names of the two brothers who found pizza hut?

  • What film was sponsored by Pizza Hut in 1989?

  • What is on the Appitizer platter?
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  • What are the three dippings sauces that come with the platter?
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  • 3 styles of wings
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