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Pinocchio is a wonderful tale, on which many movies have been based. The story follows a wood worker who makes toys and puppets for a living. He creates a small boy who comes alive. This boy is given the name Pinocchio.

But Pinocchio wants to be a real boy. He does not want to be a toy. He wants to remove his strings so that he can be more than a puppet. Only, he learns that his puppet nose grows each time he tells a lie. This film is well received time and time again by families and children alike. It is an influential work that has been saved in the Disney vault for its time honored classic title. If you are a Pinocchio fan, put your knowledge to the test by completing one of our quizzes today. 
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Test your Pinocchio knowledge with these 5 simple questions.

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    In episode 3 Dal Po mentions his girlfriends name. What's her name?

Are you a Pinocchio (1940) film buff? Play this quiz now

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  • Sample Question
    Who sang "When You Wish Upon a Star" in the 1940 Walt Disney film "Pinocchio"?