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Once more, the delightful Dutch super-brand Philips takes the scene. Or more accurately, continues on the scene, still going strong, ever since 1891. However, in the early beginning, it did have its share of financial troubles.

Can you name the person that solved them by contributing many important business ideas ever since he was brought onboard in 1895? Or how about that “magical” appliance introduced in 1939 and marketed in the USA using the Norelco brand name? Who was the Philips family member who saved the lives of 382 Jews during WWII and received in recognition the Yad Vashem designation as “Righteous Among the Nations” in 1995?

And talk about that sense of home-town attachment: where was the first Phillips factory built and what Dutch football team do Phillips currently sponsor? Enjoy this brand through all it has to offer, including the material for the following quizzes.

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