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Pete Sampras, though currently retired, is regarded as one of the world’s greatest tennis player of all time. By winning 14 Grand Slam singles during his 14-year career, he was the first to break the 12 grand slam record of Roy Emerson and is regarded as the world no. 1 tennis player. He first played on 1988 at the professional tour and played his last game in 2002 undefeated.
Sampras was on a six-year winning streak for 1993-1998: a first in the record of Open Era. Sharing with another player, Roger Federer, is another record for Open Era of seven championships in Wimbledon singles. At what age Pete started playing tennis on 1988? What was his world rank at the end of the year after he started playing at World No. 893? Test your rank by taking these quizzes on Pete Sampras.

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    Pete Sampras failed to win the Wimbledon just once in the 8-year period between 1993 to 2000. Who is the player who stopped Pete Sampras?

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    Which tennis player was the idol of Pete Sampras?

This quiz is all about me so i hope you do well mum and pete ! I 'm testing your knowledge on how well you know me ! Lots of Love 'n' Luck Sophie'Kinz x

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    What is my Favourite Colour ?