Penguins Of Madagascar Quizzes & Trivia

There are so rare the cases when supporting characters are so adored by fans that they get their very own TV show, but the Penguins of Madagascar were so irresistible that no one could refuse them. But who are these fascinatingly amusing characters and what are their stories. Well, Skipper used to be the self-respected, dim-witted king, and Julien used to be the commando guy, but a freak accident switched their minds.

Mort used to think that Dan Schneider delivered presents on Christmas, and Private thinks My Little Pony and Lunicorns are made by Hasbro. If you want to know more about our little friends, take these quizzes and answer questions such as: “Which of the penguins has a habit of throwing up random objects?”, and “What does Mort like?”

Wich one of the penguins /lemurs are u?skipper,kowalski,private,rico,king julian or mort O_O

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    Wich one is u favo?