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  • One of your customers is having problems with a new CD-RW drive he has installed on his system.  The system originally contained a single PATA HDD and a 52x CD-R drive.  When your customer tries to make a copy of a disc using the CD-RW he receives buffer under-run errors.  What suggestions can you give him to improve his copy operations? (select all that apply

  • When you are installing a ribbon cable for a disk drive, the colour stripe should point to-----

  • You have installed a 500GB HDD in a Windows XP Professional Machine.  When you start up the system, it recognises only 137GB of drive space.  What are the most likely causes of this problem? (select all that apply)

  • What is the name of the software that we use to create student accounts within Flagler County schools?
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  • What do we use as a password on an elementary school students account?
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  • It is okay to use capital letters within the username, when making student accounts.
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  • What are the two commands in the USMT?
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  • what are 2 important criteria for a good password?
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  • What can the user do to keep from having the admin reset the password?
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  • Which type of RAM has a maximum of 66MHz FSB?
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  • The AGP slots run at 8x speed, but what does PCI-E run at?
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  • QWERTY keyboards have how many keys?
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